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  • provide all the info about your home (or business or land or vacation property) for as long as you need
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  • get listed in over 900 search engines
  • get listed in over 4,000 online classified ads
  • get listed on AOL and Yahoo!
  • get a hit counter
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And here's our 100% Money-back Guarantee

If at any time before you advertise using your personalized FSBO Property Information Web Page you decide that you don't want a webpage or aren't satisfied with the webpage we've created, we will refund your money promptly and with no hassle.  

We will not advertise your site without your final approval and will promptly delete your site if it does not meet with your full satisfaction.

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    "Guess what?! We sold our home in less than 6 weeks. We are so thrilled...Your Web Site was a tremendous help in everything we did. We would recommend you to anyone and we definitely are glad we sold our home ourselves and saved $17,290 (a 7% realty commission)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" M. and V. Booth, Deland, FL

    "Just wanted to drop a note, our house is under agreement, for full price. Because of your website only very interested parties called for visits. Thank you again for a great job." C. Casamento, Bolton, MA

Get Your Own Personalized FSBO Web Page!

Your personalized FSBO page offers you the opportunity to tell potential buyers everything about your home, business, or other property, not just the few things that will fit in a small classified ad.  No word limits. No time limits. No weekly or monthly fees.

And you get to display up to 3 photos including free scanning (with additional photos only $5 each!)

Want to change your price or announce an Open House or otherwise change your site? Updates are free!

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Search Engine Registration

As part of your one time basic fee, your FSBO page will be registered with over 900 search engines, including the top search engines and directories: Alta Vista, AOL, Excite, HotBot, InfoSeek, Lycos, and Yahoo to name a few. Registering with these sites can provide exposure to countless potential buyers.

Because of the nature of many of the search engines on the Internet, we will re-submit your site on a regular basis to assure that your site remains registered.

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Internet Advertising

While placement on search engines is extremely important, your site also needs to be placed with the many real estate and FSBO ad sites out there.

We register your site with all the top free real estate/FSBO sites, including Yahoo Classifieds,, FSBO Freedom, HomePortfolio Junction.  We will make any updates...a change in price, for part of your one time basic fee.

If you would like to be listed with for-fee services, we can arrange that as well.

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Website Maintenance

As part of your one time basic fee, we will provide timely updates to your webpage as needed. 

  • Having an Open House?  Let us know and we'll post it. 
  • Changing your selling price?  We'll update it promptly. 
  • Taking your home off the market...or decided to go with a realtor?  We'll either remove your page...or post your real estate agent's contact choose!
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And Lots More!

We will link your page to local school information, property tax information (if available), community web pages, and an online map so people can find you.

Plus we'll give you your very own hit counter so you can see how many people have visited your web page.

In addition, if you'd like, we can provide links to tools such as mortgage calculators and other buyer sites to help visitors decide that your home is the one for them!

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